Monday, August 1, 2011

Daylight on your monitor screen

Daylight reflecting on your monitor
Daylight on your monitor
If you are right-handed it's good to have natural daylight coming over your left shoulder when you're writing.  If, however, you're trying to see something on a computer monitor in bright daylight, you can be straining your eyes to read it.  This problem will depend on the time of day, the time of year, and the position of your desk.

Solutions range from lowering a window shade to moving your desk in extreme cases.  The chances are that you've already picked the best place for your desk and you don't want to move it somewhere else.

Simple screen stops direct sunlight hitting monitor
One simple solution can be to place a small screen to cast its shadow across the monitor.  This could be a folding screen, free-standing on the desktop, but in this case there is a good pine upright to hold the screen in place with a thumbtack.  The screen is a mailing envelope with a plaid pattern that appealed to the client.  This casts just enough shadow at the brightest part of the day to do the job.

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