Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rolling PC Tower Support

Rolling PC Tower Support
If you have a PC tower and stow it under your desk, you'll know that from time to time it's handy to be able to pull it out - for maintenance, to get at the back, or to plug or unplug something.

To make life a little less frustrating your tower can have a platform or support on wheels.  If there is good friction between the feet on the base of the tower and the support, this can be done as simply as shown in the above drawing - a board with casters.  Moving the tower from the top moves the rolling base at the same time.

The most important part of this process is to check the lengths of the cables that are plugged into the tower.  These need to be long enough not to be strained or pulled out the back of the tower when the platform is rolled out.

If the rubber or plastic feet under the tower don't have a good grip on the surface of the board, it can be fitted with shelf liner to improve friction.

Another option is to shape the support to hold the base of the tower firmly.  The simplest way is to screw shallow wood blocks to the top of the rolling support with cups drilled or carved to hold the feet.  It's tempting simply to drill holes for the feet in the board, but some towers have cooling slots in the base for air circulation, and it's a bad idea to block these.

If the space under the desk won't allow the height of a tower, the support and casters, then the support can be fitted with casters mounted on steel outrigger brackets.  These allow the support to move while only being a fraction of an inch above the floor.

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