Friday, May 2, 2014

Typewriter (or Laptop) Stand Part 3

Next step is the platform for the typewriter.  I happened to have a piece of oak that cut nicely into three 12" lengths, but choose whichever wood works for you.  Plane the joining edges in pairs, and edge glue them.

After the glue has set for a day, level the glued up board across the grain with a fore plane, flatten the top and bottom with a smoothing plane, and chamfer the edges with a block plane.

Put the stand upside-down on the underside of the board, centre the column, and draw round it with pencil.  Put a mark on one corner of the column and on the base.  That will let you align the two together.

Screw figure of eight connectors to the top of the column.  Note the two that will be affected by wood expansion and contraction of the top are turned so they can swivel as the wood moves with the humidity.

With the base upside-down again, mark holes for screws through the figure of eight connectors with an awl.  Take away the column again to drill pilot holes, then screw the column to the platform.

Turn the stand the right way up and you can use it with your typewriter or laptop.
If you find the stand too tall, you can remove the figure of eight connectors, saw some of the column off, and remount the figure of eight connectors easily.  If it is too short, you can shim the space between the column and the platform.

In use I've made this so my feet go either side of the column comfortably.  When I'm sure the height is perfect, and I've added a copy holder to the back of the platform, I'll varnish the stand for protection.

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