Saturday, July 5, 2014

Faster Remington Noiseless 7 Typewriter Spool Covers

Not everyone who has a Remington Noiseless 7 Typewriter has a small metalworking lathe to use to help make spool covers.  So, here's a faster, cheaper, and still effective way to make do it.  Instead of turning those two inch disks from brass, buy a couple of zinc plated fender washers.

This should take you to the page with 2" diameter washers with 1/4" holes.  There's a minimum order with these of 15, but they are not expensive and you'll find uses for the rest.

In addition to the fender washers you need a couple of zinc-plated round-topped carriage bolts with 1/4" shanks, a couple of 5/8" diameter washers with 1/4" holes, and a length of 9/32" brass tubing.

File out the centre of the 5/8" washers to fit the brass tube.

Super glue the two washers together and the brass tube through them.

At the end of the bolt shank nearest the head, there's a square part that normally secures that end in a square hole.  File the first corner down until you start to file the threads on the shank.  Do the same with each of the four corners.

The bolt should be a close fit in the end of the brass tube.

Cut off the threaded part of the shank with a junior hacksaw.

Hold the end in pliers as you finish cutting, because the head will be hot.

Cut the end of the brass tube sticking out the washers so the height of the brass tube (including the washers) is 1/2".

Now glue in the head of the cut-off bolt.

Do this twice and you have a pair of spool covers, as I did for my second Remington Rand Noiseless 7 Typewriter.

No lathe required.