Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sears Citation Typewriter Carriage Release Lever Repair

I bought this Sears Citation typewriter at a flea market in Bremerton last weekend.  Other than a cleaning, the only problem was both carriage release levers were broken, leaving two sharp-edged pieces.

These pulled off with pliers, leaving two 3/8th inch high tabs of steel, 3/16th inch wide by 75/1000th inch thick.  Experimenting with brass tubing, I found some with 3/16th inch outside diameter, 5/32nds inch internal diameter, was a tight push fit over these carriage release lever tabs.

I cut a couple of 2 inch lengths of tube to make new levers.  To strengthen the tubing, and make it look better, I put 5/32nd diameter brass rod in from the top, cutting it 5/32nd inch proud of the tubing.  This was filed to chamfer the top edge, then super-glued into the tube, just below the top of the tube.  That way, if I need to remove the levers at a later date, they remain just a push fit.

With some cleaning and a new ribbon, this is now a well-made and functional typewriter again.

Happy typing!