Friday, August 26, 2016

Typewriter spool clips for a Corona Folding 3

I have a Corona Folding 3 typewriter with an automatic ribbon reversal mechanism that needed a couple of things doing to it.  The first was the front paper roller.  I took the machine to Paul Lundy at Bremerton Office Machine Co. to have that repaired expertly.  Another was a clip for one of the ribbon spools to hold the end of the ribbon.  The previous ribbon had been glued on instead of being clipped, so replacing the ribbon meant making a clip.

One of the spools only has a top, not a base.  This made the work much easier as I could test different diameters of brass tubing with it by sliding them on.  The spool is shown with the original clip.

I took a piece of 9/32" brass tubing (a good fit on the spool shaft) and taped the end to the same length as the original clip.

Set calipers to the size of the gap in the original clip, then use the points to mark the brass.  With a junior hacksaw cut the base of the gap at the tape end of the scratched marks.

Cut down the inside of the scratch marks to the base cut to remove the waste.  It is easier to file the rough edges now with a needle file.  With the hacksaw cut the end off the tube, and you have your clip.

Here's the clip in place:

It works as well as the original to hold the ribbon in place.

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  1. Funny... the corona 3 that I just bought has automatic ribbon reversal too, and it came with one double-ended spool and one single-ended spool, just like yours. I spoke with Steve Dade (an expert in this model who recovers platens) and he said that the one-ended is not the original style for this model. It lacks the nub on the inside that mates with the axel.