About me

David Randall

I'm from Colchester, the oldest recorded town in England, named after Old King Cole of the nursery rhyme.
My first desk

When I was six years old, I stood on a box at my father's workbench while he showed me how to use tools.

My first desk at a salaried job had no chair.  It was under a stair in a narrow corridor outside the manager's office - if I'd had a chair the manager wouldn't have been able to open his door.

Since then I've worked in different offices, and used a variety of desks, most of them not as good as a door on a couple of sawhorses.  The best desks I've used were ones I modified or built for myself.  I believe people do their best work with the right desk.

In my spare time I worked for the non-profit REMAP.ORG.UK where I learned the value of custom-building.  Each device produced by REMAP craftsmen and engineers is designed for an individual and helps that person to carry out a particular task for which no commercial equipment is available.

In 2001, following an amazing and wonderful series of events, I married my American wife Christine who came to England to live with me.

In 2010 we moved to Christine's home town of Seattle, where I set up a business designing, building and adapting desks.  Since then I moved on to join Razorfish, Inc. to build databases that help make sense out of big systems, then Starbucks Coffee to build more helpful databases.  The successful results are the product of listening carefully to my clients and colleagues to find out what they need their desks or databases to do for them.

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