Monday, 8 March 2021

Typewriter - Adler J5, 1974, Replacement Feet


This Adler J5 is a lovely typewriter to use.  Everything about this machine was in good as new condition, including the cardboard typebar protector.  The only problem was the feet.

The replacement is in the same picture as the old foot.  The new ones came through eBay from Alltrade Supply of California. The description for them is in the screenshot below.  These come in a pack of 8.

The hole each foot needs to fit looks like this.

Put a drop of hand soap on the button, and with the foot at a slight angle, screw the button into the hole by hand.  The operation was easier than getting the pieces of the old feet out, without dropping them into the mechanism.  Here's the underside of the typewriter with all four new feet fitted.

Happy typing!


  1. Nice find! Nothin' like fresh rubber feet (except a fresh rubber platen, of course) :D

  2. Agreed Ted! Well done with your venture into replacement typewriter feet! Nice video on YouTube from Joe Van Cleave on those.