Thursday, 6 May 2021

Typewriter paper support for a 1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe (Dreyfus Design)


The Henry Dreyfus designed Royal Quiet De Luxe is a very nice typewriter to use, but it has no paper support. With a piece of coathanger wire and two magnets, you can make one!  The magnets are the kind with 3/4” wide bases, and hooks screwed into them. I bought mine from Lee Valley Tools of Ottawa.

Unscrew the hooks so you just have the magnetic bases.  Let the two magnetic bases adhere to the back of the carriage, centering them under each end of the Quiet De Luxe badge, and making sure you can swing open the cover that hides the margin settings.

Take a piece of coathanger wire, about ten inches long, and straighten it with pliers. You can substitute a similar guage of wire, as long as it is ferrous (can be attracted by a magnet).  Make a loop with pliers at each end to go over the outside of the magnets.  Bend the middle into a smooth curve, until the two looped ends will go over the magnets.  Add a gentle backwards curve of maybe twenty degrees to align the support with the top of the carriage back.