Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Typewriter paper support for a Remington Rand Model 1, 1937

 In one way, this is the simplest typewriter paper support, for a typewriter that doesn't have one.  It is a Meccano or Erector Set flat strip, 11 holes by 3.  It slides between the rear paper table on the carriage, the one you need to fold back to change the tabs, and the rubber tubing that holds the tabs in place, and stops them falling off the tab rack when the typewriter is in its case. A similar piece of plastic, 5 1/2" by 1 1/2" and about the thickness of a credit card would do the same job.

The rubber tubing that holds the tabs in place may be old, cracked and crumbly, like the example here:

If that is the case, you will need to replace it.  Get a length of rubber tubing. I bought a couple of feet through Amazon.

This size is also handy for recovering some rollers.  To remove the rod with the old rubber on it, you need to remove two screws.  The top one holds the rod in place at the right hand end of the carriage. The bottom one holds the rod that the left hand paper guide slides on.  As you do this the spring that works the folding back top will disconnect, but you can refit this with a spring hook, or a piece of bent wire as part of the reassembly.

This shows the end of the spring resting on the rubber tubing:

The easiest way to get the old rubber off the rod is to crunch it with pliers, but do this over old newspaper or something similar so you don't drop the old rubber particles all over the place.

Withthe new tubing fitted, it is easy to change the tabs by folding back the top of the paper table. When folded down again, the tubing holds those tabs in place. And, of course, you can fit your paper support!

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