Articles in alphabetical order

Free articles in roughly alphabetical order to help you if you'd like to customize or build your own desk, and some other things.

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Bed made quickly
When your inflatable spare bed needs a platform in a hurry.

Board Jack
Gives extra support for long boards.

Breadboard ends
One way to make breadboard ends for desktops using hand tools.

Butler's tray hinge repair
Put the spring back in those hinges.

Cautionary tale - "It only took five minutes to draw . . ."
Adventures in making a rustic bench.

Climb the Mountain
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.7 - see

Customizing your desk
Make your desk work better for you.

Desk experiences
Why the right desk is important

Daylight on your monitor screen
Stopping reflections obscuring your view

Halloween Thoughts
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.11 - see

Hanging Out
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.3 - see

Hand tools - why I use them
Practical reasons.

A Hypothetical Story in the Life of a Stranger that I Periodically See
Jo Van Cleave's Assignment No.9 - see

iPad stand from an 18th century French bookstand
Inspiration from André Roubo via Roy Underhill and Popular Woodworking Magazine.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.5 - see

Laptop stand, adjustable
Using a fascinating wooden hinge build the laptop stand Greene and Greene might have designed, if they were still alive today.

Model making
A model can be more useful than a drawing.

A Notable Person in My Life
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.6 - see

Ozma, the story of a typewriter
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.1 - see

The Quick Brown Fox
Joe Van Cleave's Assignment No.4 - see

Rolling PC tower support
Putting the PC under the desk, but keeping it accessible

Sewing machine table customization
Fitting a sewing machine table to a different machine

Sewing machine table hinge upgrade
Improving the surface of a sewing machine table

Shelves, adjustable
Points to consider with adjustable shelving in casework.

Storage (where to put things)
Thoughts on storage.

Typewriter Carriage Release Lever Repair
Replacing broken plastic levers for a Sears Citation with brass tubing.

Typewriter paper support anyone can make
All you need is a popsicle stick and a spring-type clothespeg.

Typewriter Replacement Case for a Remington Noiseless 7
When the moldy smell is too much to handle.

Typewriter - Sears Citation - Replacement Carriage Release Levers
Elegant brass replacements for broken plastic levers.

Typewriter Spool Clip Replacement for a Folding Corona 3
Replacement clip made from brass tubing

Typewriter Spool Covers
Making replacement covers for a Remington Noiseless 7 machine from brass.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Typewriter Spool Covers - The Quick Way
Making replacement covers for a Remington Noiseless 7 without using a lathe.

Typewriter (or Laptop) Stand
A comfortable single pillar design.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Typewriter tab stops
Brass tab stops for a Remington Noiseless 7 typewriter.

Typewriters as writing tools
Joe Van Cleave's typing assignment No. 2 - see:

Why I'm Thankful for a Typographical Error
Joe Van Cleave's typing assignment No. 12 - see:

If you are starting from scratch and need a good, solid workbench with amazing work holding options, then consider building my "Walk-around" woodworking bench, originally designed for narrow shops.
Workbench Design published details of my design, and Lee Valley Tools of Ottawa has published an article.  Links to these articles and to 3D models I've drawn in SketchUp for clarity are included.

Writing in the style of my favourite author
Joe Van Cleave's typing assignment No.8 - see: